Violence Against Women: Australia Says No!

On Friday May 16th, a group of radical misogynist socialists attempted to physically attack Julie Bishop MP while she was a guest at the University of Sydney.

Some of the students engaged in the assault were in the privileged position of being office bearers of the Student Union, Student Representative Council, and National Union of Students.

Violence against women is ALWAYS unacceptable. 

The perpetrators of this despicable attack MUST face the consequences of their actions

Our campuses should be safe for all women, whoever they are.

Join our campaign to make our campuses safe for all women, by using the form below to send an email to Sydney Uni's Vice-Chancellor, the USU and SRC Presidents, and cc the Minister for Education, demanding a full investigation, and the resignation of all elected office bearers immediately.

(Note: If you are a current student, or alumni of, the University of Sydney, please feel free to incorporate this into the pro-forma message)

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Note: The preceding campaign has been created by a group of concerned NSW university students, and is not an official campaign of the Australian Taxpayers' Alliance.

Update: the Australian Liberal Students' Federation has issued the following statement.

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