Who We Are

Who We Are - The Australian Taxpayers' Alliance

The Australian Taxpayers' Alliance is a unique grassroots advocacy & activist organisation comprised of over 25,000 members dedicated to standing up for hardworking Australian taxpayers. We oppose the high taxes, wasteful spending, and crippling red tape that are hurting Aussie families and businesses, and provide a voice for everyone who opposes the big-government agenda.

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We are  also advised by our Academic Fellows and our Board of Advisers

Vision Statement

The vision of the Australian Taxpayers Alliance is to transform Australia into the low-tax, small-government market-based economy needed for continued personal and economic prosperity.

What we Believe

Australians pay too much tax to prop up wasteful government spending
Aussie Businesses are being crippled by over-regulation costing tens of thousands of jobs.
Our huge bureaucracy means entrepreneurs can’t get a fair go
A free economy as the best way to achieve economic prosperity
We need to slash the size of government and return power to Australians
We need to have transparency to know how the government is spending our money.
We need to give power back to workers – not union bosses or government bureaucrats

What we do

    • Spread the message of small government, individual freedom, and free markets to the Australian people through traditional and new media techniques of civic engagement


    • Run grassroots online campaigns to lobby governments to achieve policy objectives


    • Run events throughout Australia including panel discussions, conferences, special guest presentations, and social functions


    • Educate Australians of the benefits of lean government as opposed to the counterproductive effects of government largess and cronyism


    • Create a positive, identifiable vision of a prosperous Australia to inspire people to take action to achieve this future.


    • Identifying examples of the waste of taxpayer dollars and expose these to the general public through media campaigns


    • Identify, educate, and mobilise centre-right Australians to effectively engage in activities to influence the Australian political agenda and provide the necessary support, development, training


    • Provide a powerful voice for taxpayers in the political process


    • We are also the umbrella body for a number of affiliate organisations you can see here.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Australian Taxpayers’ Alliance?

The Australian Taxpayers’ Alliance (ATA) is an innovative new activist organisation, dedicated to fighting Australia’s crippling levels of taxation, over-regulation, and government waste through the creation of an empowered and highly-mobilised grassroots movement.

Why is the Australian Taxpayers’ Alliance needed?

Political discourse in Australia is been dominated by numerous highly effective left-wing astroturf groups such as GetUp!, with no counterpoint challenging them or providing public support for sound public policy. As a result, the Australian economy is being strangled by high taxation, excessive regulation, and government waste, and unless we change course, Australia faces long term economic disaster. The ATA shall be critical in educating, activating and mobilising Australians to support sound policy, and provide the momentum necessary to convert this into legislator reform.

How is the Australian Taxpayers’ Alliance different from the CIS or the IPA?

The Australian Taxpayers’ Alliance is not a think tank: it is a do tank!  Rather than focussing on conducting research, or influencing opinion leaders, the activities of the ATA shall be directed towards educating and activating everyday Australians, thereby creating an effective grassroots movement for change.

Is this a right-wing GetUp?

No! In contrast to the out-dated command-and-control style micromanagement structure of GetUp!, the Australian Taxpayers’ Alliance is a decentralised network designed to empower individuals to take action in their own communities, and create their own ‘franchises’ within an appropriate framework. As such, the ATA activities shall be directed through the proven more-effective ‘bottom-up’ method, in contrast to the out-dated top-down approach used by GetUp. This key difference will ensure that the ATA shall become considerably more effective than GetUp!, while requiring less resources.

Why the name Australian Taxpayers’ Alliance?

Australian taxpayers are presently unrepresented in political debate where special interest groups and ‘rent seekers’ dominate. As such, hard-working Australian taxpayers shall have a voice in political discourse. Furthermore, due to the decentralised structure of the ATA, numerous subsidiaries will be established under the overall ATA framework, providing further opportunities for different branding and demographic micro-targeting.

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