10 Policy Proposals for a better Australia

The Australian Taxpayers' Alliance has devised 10 policy proposals for a free and prosperous Australia. If implemented, they will improve the lives of millions of Australian taxpayers in the present and generations to come. These policies are practical as they are attainable and policy makers should not hesitate to turn them into reality.

Please click here to read the full report, or the links below to read each policy proposal in detail.


1.     Create a Transparency Expenditure Portal (TEP)

2.      Legalize the use of nicotine in e-cigarettes 

3.      Implement a Commonwealth (CANZUK) Free Trade Agreement

4.      Allow the states to control a portion of the federal income tax

5.      Include family homes in the old age pension test

6.      Abolish the alcopops tax

7.      Eliminate bracket creep by indexing tax rates to earnings 

8.      Introduce income splitting into the Australian tax code

9.      Remove restrictions on nuclear power

10.    Stop taxpayer funds being used to lobby government 


All references are included in the full report, but references for each policy proposal are available upon request.

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