2013 is International Year of the Mathematics of Planet Earth

We previously reported on how to get any taxpayer-funded grant these days: just add "climate change" to your proposal.

It would seem that the Australian Mathematical Studies Institute has just taken this to a whole new level, declaring "2013 is International Year of the Mathematics of Planet Earth":
Human activity has increased to the point where it influences the global climate, impacts the ability of the planet to feed itself and threatens the stability of these systems. Issues such as climate change, sustainability, man-made disasters, control of diseases and epidemics, management of resources, and global integration have come to the fore.

Mathematics plays a key role in these and many other processes affecting Planet Earth, both as a fundamental discipline and as an essential component of multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary research.

They have a whole week of taxpayer-funded activities even, with themes like "A PLANET ORGANIZED BY HUMANS: political, economic, social and financial systems; organization of transport and communications networks; management of resources; energy" and  "A PLANET AT RISK: climate change, sustainable development"

Chief Sponsors include: The Australian Government (Bureau of Meteorology), The Australian Government (Geoscience Australia), the Taxpayer-funded Australian Research Council, the Taxpayer Funded Australian Research Council's Centre of Excellence for Climate System Science, the taxpayer-funded Questacon Museum, and the taxpayer-funded CSIRO.

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