$250 Million Solomon Islands Handout Is Murder On The Taxpayer

Media Release: $250 Million Solomon Islands Handout Is Murder On The Taxpayer


The Australian Taxpayers’ Alliance (ATA), a 75,000+ member grassroots body representing Australia’s taxpayers, today condemned the government's $250 million taxpayer-funded handout to the Solomon Islands.

"Assisting development and building relationships with our pacific friends is important. But splashing a whopping $250 million on a small island nation is a highly questionable use of the funds generated by taxpaying Aussie workers and businesses at a time when economists are predicting a global economic slowdown." said Satya Marar, ATA Director of Policy.

"The Labor party just lost an election after promising to hand out $500 million to the United Nations. What sort of example does the government want to set by borrowing a page from their book?

"The package includes $2.7 million to help Solomon Islanders get work in Australia. It is incoherent to go to great and expensive lengths to stop people from some countries who are desperate to come and work here, while handing out money elsewhere to bring foreign workers here. Regional development is a noble goal. But this is confusion of the highest order." 

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