A Great Injustice Has Befallen Our Left Wing Academics!

A great injustice has befallen academics at the University of Sydney! So grave is this attack on their rights that they shall be on STRIKE from March 7.

What is this injustice you ask?

The university wants to reduce their number of fully-paid sick days from the current ten full weeks a year.

That's right. While the average Australian takes less than 10 sick days a year, our poor academics (many of whom already suffer from earning a tiny 6 digit salary having a workload of a whole 10 contact hours a week, a whopping 25 teaching weeks a year) will be forced to suffer the great ignominity  of having their paid paid sick leave cut to a meagre 20 days a year. Which is only about double the national average.

What an outrage. These academics... how will they ever survive?

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