Abbott's Direct Action Disgrace

The Age  reveals today that not only are Tony Abbott and Greg Hunt committed to pushing through their wasteful and ineffective big-spending "Direct Action" plan, they don't even want to subject it to parliamentary scrutiny!

Tony Abbott's much criticised Direct Action carbon abatement policy can be introduced without legislation, meaning it won't have to run the gauntlet of a hostile Senate, it has been revealed.

Environment Minister Greg Hunt has indicated that the government has been advised that it can introduce the controversial replacement program for Labor's carbon price, through regulation rather than direct legislation.

That means avoiding the Senate now where Labor and the Greens stand ready to knock it out, and even beyond June 2014, when a swag of incoming independent senators may prove difficult to convince.

This is, to put it bluntly, disgraceful, and an incredibly disappointing start to the new government. 

It is a direct attack on our constitutional provisions at the heart of parliamentary democracy, and shall no doubt open the government up to a lengthy and expensive constitutional challenge in the High Court.

We shall be launching a campaign against Direct Action shortly. Please leave a note in comments if you wish to help out!

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