Newly elected Wentworth MP Kerryn Phelps has demanded an ‘emissions reduction standard’ or carbon tax ‘by stealth’ that will punish working Australians, especially suburban resident and people in rural areas, with higher prices for their cars, lawnmowers and other goods. Australians voted resoundingly against carbon taxes in the 2013 Federal election and this dodgy proposition is an unwanted blast from the past.

Phelps' policy will also punish hardworking taxpayers and their families with higher prices for less reliable electricity supply. Her eagerness to prioritise failed, heavy-handed climate policy above cheap and reliable power may be supported by well-off voters in Bondi, but it is deeply out of touch with the realities faced by the rest of Australia.

Calls to restore the Climate Change Authority (CCA) will waste taxpayer money on an unnecessary, redundant bureaucracy. The CCA’s primary focus was to advise on the now-repealed carbon tax, and the Australian government is already well-informed on climate change and its management by other organisations.

Phelps’ demand that hard working Australians fund corporate handouts for unreliable, expensive and intermittent wind and solar, is unfair to millions, as these subsidies have distorted our energy market and driven coal-fired power stations into premature retirement while hurting families and driving companies out of business thanks to higher power bills. Solar and wind should compete on an equal footing with other power sources and everyday Australians should not be footing the bill for costly, ideologically driven energy experiments thought up by out of touch politicians.



We the undersigned express the strong view that every action should be taken to lower the cost of electricity and other goods in Australia, not to raise them. The continued financial attacks on hard working Australians is putting even more pressure on Australian families and businesses in a period when financial stresses are at an all time high.

This is unacceptable, and we demand action.

We reject the "carbon tax by stealth" proposed by Kerryn Phelps, and call on her to abandon this in favour of pursuing policies that will benefit working class Australians, not only appease the elite in her insulated, upper class electorate.

We also call on the current Liberal Party government to do everything in its power to lower energy costs, including lifting Australia’s moratorium on nuclear energy, which would benefit the climate, environment and hip pocket of ordinary Australians.


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