We are dedicated to standing up for hardworking Australian taxpayers.

  • Who We Are

    The Australian Taxpayers' Alliance is a unique grassroots advocacy & activist organisation comprised of over 75,000 members dedicated to standing up for hardworking Australian taxpayers. We oppose the high taxes, wasteful spending, and crippling red tape that is hurting Aussie families and businesses, and provide a voice for everyone who opposes the big-government agenda.

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    We are  also advised by our Academic Fellows and our Board of Advisers

    Vision Statement

    The vision of the Australian Taxpayers Alliance is to transform Australia into the low-tax, small-government, market-based economy needed for continued personal, national and international prosperity.

    What We Believe

    • Australians pay too much tax just to prop up wasteful government spending

    • Aussie businesses are being crippled by over-regulation, costing tens of thousands of jobs.

    • Our huge bureaucracy means entrepreneurs can’t get a fair go

    • A free economy is the best way to achieve economic prosperity

    • We need to slash the size of government and return power to Australians

    • We need transparency to know how the government is spending our money.

    • We need to give power back to actual workers, not union bosses or government bureaucrats


    What We Do

    • Spread the message of small government, individual freedom, and free markets to the Australian people through traditional and new media techniques of civic engagement

    • Run grassroots online campaigns to lobby governments to achieve policy objectives

    • Run events throughout Australia including panel discussions, conferences, special guest presentations, and social functions

    • Educate Australians of the benefits of a lean government as opposed to the counterproductive effects of a bloated government and cronyism

    • Create a positive, identifiable vision of a prosperous Australia to inspire people to take action to achieve this future.

    • Identify examples of the colossal waste of taxpayer dollars by government and expose them to the general public through media campaigns

    • Identify, educate, and mobilise centre-right Australians to effectively engage in activities to influence the Australian political agenda and provide the necessary support, development, training

    • Provide a powerful voice for taxpayers in the political process

    • We are also the umbrella body for a number of affiliate organisations you can see here.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is the Australian Taxpayers’ Alliance?

    The Australian Taxpayers’ Alliance (ATA) is an innovative activist organisation, dedicated to fighting Australia’s crippling levels of taxation, over-regulation, and government waste through the creation of an empowered and highly-mobilised grassroots movement.

    Why is the Australian Taxpayers’ Alliance needed?

    Political discourse in Australia is been dominated by numerous highly vocal left-wing astroturf groups such as GetUp!, with no activists challenging them or providing open support for good public policy. As a result, the Australian economy is being strangled by high taxation, excessive regulation, and government waste, and unless we change course, Australia faces long term economic disaster. The ATA is critical in educating, activating and mobilising Australians to support sound policy, and provide the momentum necessary to convert this into legislative reform.

    How is the Australian Taxpayers’ Alliance different from the CIS or the IPA?

    The Australian Taxpayers’ Alliance is not a think tank: it is a do tank!  Rather than focusing on conducting research, or influencing opinion leaders, the activities of the ATA are directed towards educating and activating everyday Australians, thereby creating an effective grassroots movement for change.

    Is this a right-wing GetUp?

    No! In contrast to the out-dated command-and-control style micromanagement structure of GetUp!, the Australian Taxpayers’ Alliance is a decentralised network designed to empower individuals to take action in their own communities, and create their own ‘franchises’ within an appropriate framework. As such, ATA activities are directed through the demonstratively more-effective ‘bottom-up’ method, in contrast to the out-dated top-down approach used by GetUp. This key difference ensures that the ATA can be considerably more effective than GetUp!, while requiring less resources.

    Why the name Australian Taxpayers’ Alliance?

    Australian taxpayers are presently unrepresented in political debate where special interest groups and ‘rent seekers’ dominate. As such, hard-working Australian taxpayers must have a voice in political discourse. Furthermore, with the decentralised structure of the ATA, numerous subsidiaries have been established under the overall ATA framework, providing further opportunities for special projects and demographic micro-targeting.

  • Affiliates

    The Australian Taxpayers' Alliance is the umbrella body for a number of affiliate organisations:

    MyChoice Australia: MyChoice is Australia's leading anti-nanny state organisation, and is dedicated to fighting for individual freedom and personal responsibilities!

    Free Speech Australia: Formed in response to the Federal Government's attack on free speech through media censorship and regulation, as well as the proposed anti-discrimination bill, Free Speech Australia is eternally vigilant in protecting and promoting our freedoms from government interference

    Menzies House: Menzies House is Australia's number one non-partisan opinion website dedicated to promoting conservative, classical liberal, libertarian and centre-right authors.

    Australian Libertarian Society: Founded in 2001, the Australian Libertarian Society has recently joined in partnership with the Australian Taxpayers' Alliance to promote the values of small government and free markets.

    Liberty On The Rocks:  Liberty on the Rocks Australia as the centre of the centre-right social scene!  Part of a growing international movement, and with chapters in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane, Liberty On The Rocks is Australia’s only regular nonpartisan social gathering of young centre-right professionals. Whether you work in politics or just have an avid interest, whether you consider yourself conservative, libertarian, classical liberal, or simply centre-right, or whether you’d simply wish to develop your professional networks, this is your opportunity to meet with like minded persons, develop your contacts, and have a good time!

  • Academic Fellows


    Dr Mikayla Novak:  Mikayla is a Senior Fellow with the Institute of Public Affairs. She has previously worked for Commonwealth and State public sector agencies, including the Commonwealth Treasury and Productivity Commission and was also previously advisor to the Queensland Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Her opinion pieces have been published in The Australian, Australian Financial Review, The Age, and the Courier Mail, on issues ranging from state public finances to social services reform. Her PhD was awarded from RMIT for her research into the growth of government and how that impacts on economic growth. Julie has also been a prolific contributor to Policy Journal, The Drum, Online Opinion, The Punch, and of course the award-winning IPA Review. You can follow her on Twitter @novakmikayla



     Professor Sinclair Davidson is Professor in the School of Economics, Finance and Marketing at RMIT and a Senior Fellow at the Institute of Public Affairs. He has written extensively on taxation policy in Australia and is a regular contributor to public debate. His opinion pieces have been published in The Age,The AustralianAustralian Financial ReviewSydney Morning Herald, and Wall Street Journal Asia. Sinclair has also published in academic journals such as the European Journal of Political EconomyReview of Political EconomyJournal of Economic Behavior andOrganization and the Cato Journal.



    unnamed_(3).pngDr Chris Berg is one of Australia’s most prominent voices for free markets and individual liberty, and a leading authority on over-regulation, economic freedom and civil liberties. Dr Berg is a Postdoctoral Fellow at RMIT University and a Senior Fellow with the Institute of Public Affairs and is the author of five books including In Defence of Freedom of Speech: from Ancient Greece to Andrew Bolt.  

    The Cato Institute praised the “wit and grace” of his book Liberty, Equality & Democracy, and the Sydney Morning Herald described his The Libertarian Alternative as “spirited and sometimes wry”. His other books include Magna Carta: the tax revolt that gave us liberty and The Growth of Australia’s Regulatory State. He is also the editor of 100 Great Books of Liberty and The National Curriculum: A Critique.

    Dr Berg’s articles have appeared in the Wall Street JournalThe Australian, the Australian Financial Review, and the Sydney Morning Herald, as well as magazines such as Quadrant,Spectator Australia and Overland. He has been a regular columnist with the Sunday Age and ABC’s The Drum. His scholarly contributions have appeared in the Australian Journal of Political ScienceEcon Journal WatchAgenda, and Trends in Anaesthesia and Critical Care. He is a frequent media commentator on television and radio and appears regularly throughout the electronic press.

    He holds a PhD in economics from RMIT University and bachelor’s degree in history and political science from the University of Melbourne.


     Professor Jason Potts is a professor of economics at RMIT, and an economic theorist who specialises in problems of economic growth and change. He works in areas of economic evolution, technological change, institutional economics, economics of innovation, economics of cities, and the economics of cultural and creative industries. His current research focuses on innovation in the commons, and on global innovation policy. Potts is a Professor of Economics at RMIT University, as well as an Adjunct Associate Professor in the School of Economics at the University of Queensland, and an Adjunct Fellow at the Institute of Public Affairs. He was the 2000 winner of the International Joseph A Schumpeter Prize, has published over 60 articles and six books. He is currently an editor of Journal of Institutional Economics, and Innovation: Management, Practice and Policy.



     Dr. Michael Keane: Dr. Keane is a lecturer in public health at Monash University, and a researcher at the Centre for Human Psychopharmacology at Swinburne University. Dr. Keane has authored extensive peer-reviewed pieces on the ethical implications of public health policy, his most recent in the Medial Journal of Australia attacking lifestyles taxes, and the overall attempts by governments to regulate behaviour through the tax code.







    Dr. Patrick Michaels:  Patrick Michaels serves as Chief Scientific Adviser to Stop Gillards’ Carbon Tax. Dr. Michaels is a Senior Research Fellow for Policy and Economic Development at George Mason University, and a Senior Environmental Fellow at the Cato Institute. He is a past president of the American Association of State Climatologists and was program chair for the Committee on Applied Climatology of the American Meteorological Society. Michaels was also a research professor of Environmental Sciences at University of Virginia for thirty years. Michaels is a contributing author and reviewer of the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, which was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 2007.






    Dr Darcy Allen: A Postdoctoral Research Fellow in the Blockchain Innovation Hub at RMIT University and an Adjunct Fellow at the Institute of Public Affairs. He is an institutional economist focused on the economics of new technologies. Dr Allen has published across academic journals including the International Journal of the Commons, New Perspectives on Political Economy, the Journal of Peer Production and the Review of Austrian Economics. He has also appeared as an expert witness before parliamentary inquiries on topics ranging from criminal justice reform to the regulation of technology. Dr Allen's research and commentary has featured widely across Australian and international print media including The Australian, the Australian Financial Review, Herald Sun and the Sydney Morning Herald. Dr Allen is the former editor of Australia's longest running quarterly magazine on politics and culture, the IPA Review, recently edited a book on Australian regulation, Australia's Red Tape Crisis: The Causes and Costs of Over-regulation. His PhD was passed outright at RMIT University in 2017 and he holds first class honours in economics and finance. 



    Lorraine Finlay: Lorraine is a law lecturer at Murdoch University, teaching in constitutional law, criminal law and international human rights. Her recent research has focused on freedom of speech, being one of the co-authors of the 2015 book No Offence Intended: Why 18C is Wrong. Prior to joining Murdoch, Lorraine worked as a State Prosecutor with the WA DPP and was a Judge’s Associate at the High Court of Australia. She holds a dual Masters in Law from New York University and National University of Singapore. Lorraine is a former President of the Australian Liberal Students' Federation (2001-02) and international intern with The Leadership Institute in Washington D.C (2002).

  • Board of Advisers

    David Russell QC commenced legal practice in 1974. He is admitted to practise in Australia, England and Wales (Lincoln’s Inn), the Courts of the Dubai International Financial Centre, New York (as a Legal Consultant), the Singapore International Commercial Court, New Zealand and Papua New Guinea. He was appointed Queen’s Counsel in 1986. David was President of the Taxation Institute of Australia from 1993 to 1995, and of the Asia Oceania Tax Consultants’ Association from 1996 to 2000. 

    He has lectured at the University of Sydney for the Master of Taxation course, the University of Queensland for the Master of Laws course and served as an Adjunct Professor of the University of Queensland. He is the co-editor of the Oxford University Press Journal Trusts & Trustees

    David is listed in the Taxation Category in the Australian Financial Review/Best Lawyers review of the Australian Legal Profession in 2008 and all later years and in 2014 was the Tax Institute’s Chartered Tax Adviser of the Year. In 2010 he was awarded the Order of the Rising Sun (with Gold Rays and Neck Ribbon) for his services to Australia-Japan relations. In 2012 he was appointed a Member of the Order of Australia for, among other things, "service ... to taxation law and legal education." 

    Ross-Cameron_SmallRoss Cameron: Ross was the Liberal Member for Paramatta from 1996 to 2004, and he served as Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister for Family and Community Services and then as the Parliamentary Secretary to the Treasurer, where he was known for his passionate pursuit of cutting spending and taxation. After politics, Ross worked as a Senior Consultant for Macquarie Bank and has since pursued several business interests as well as being a regular opinion writer for Fairfax Digital and The Australian. More recently, Ross has become a regular face on Sky News — appearing weekly the Paul Murray Live (Monday nights 9-10pm), PM Agenda (Thursdays 1:30pm) and on Contrarians (Fridays 4-6pm).

    TeeJ8-228x300Theresa Moltoni OAM: Theresa Moltoni is the  Managing Director of IRIQ, a professional services firm that specialises in Industrial Relations consultancy, advice, advocacy and training, which she founded in 2008.

    Theresa is currently President of the Chamber of Commerce & Industry Queensland, Vice President of the Industrial Relations Society of Queensland and Chair of the Workplace Relations Group at The Brisbane Club. She is an Associate Fellow of the Australian Institute of Management and a Member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors. In June 2016, she was honoured with an Order of Australia Medal for her services to industrial relations.

    Theresa’s extensive career, which spans more than 25 years, covers a wide range of high-level executive roles in a number of industry sectors. These roles have encompassed Human Resources, Industrial Relations and CEO responsibilities.


    unnamed (2)Warwick Morris: Warwick Morris retired as Chairman of Sumatra Copper and Gold plc in 2013, a company he and others floated on the ASX in 2009. Prior to that he served as an executive director of Macquarie Group Ltd where he had been chairman of the Metals and Energy Capital business and co-head and founder of the Macquarie Energy Capital business in Houston USA; his career at Macquarie spaned 17 years from 1990 to 2007. Mr Morris also founded and listed, along with partners, Wine Planet Holdings Ltd, which was a pioneering e-commerce business, in the mid-late 1990s. He is geologist by training and spent many years in the resources and construction sectors after graduation. He has worked in numerous developing nations throughout Asia and Africa as well as OECD countries.

    1353-lSam Kennard: Sam Kennard is Managing Director of Kennards Self Storage. Appointed to lead the business in 1995, under his stewardship Kennards Self Storage has grown to over 85 locations and assets in excess of $1 billion in value, as well as becoming a Brand known to most Australian households.

    He has extensive experience in business and property development across Australia and New Zealand.

    Sam has served on the Board of the Self Storage Association of Australasia and private companies.

    Kennards Self Storage remains a privately owned family business. He may be followed on twitter at @Samkss and on Linkedin as: Sam Kennard

    Ron Manners: Ron Manners is founder and Executive Director of the Mannkal Economic Education Foundation, a Perth based free-market think tank. He is a Fellow of both the Australasian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy, and the Australian Institute of Company Directors, and his contributions to industry and Australia have been marked by several awards including being elected as a “Mining Legend” at the 2005 Excellence in Mining & Exploration Conference in Sydney. In 2010 he was appointed to the Board of Overseers for the Atlas Economic Research Foundation.

    jo-nova-12a-250Joanne Nova: Jo Nova is a prize-winning science grad and award winning blogger. The former host of a children’s TV series on Channel Nine, Jo was also formally an associate lecturer in Science Communication at the ANU.
    She’s been blamed for the collapse of the ETS and named in the Australian Parliament. The Oxfam report on ClimateGate news improbably listed her blog influence as being equal to NASA in the Climategate email saga. The Wheeler Centre in Melbourne listed Jo Nova as the balancing counterpoint to the combined scientific weight of The UN and government departments.  Her blog won The LifeTime Achievement Award in the 2014 Bloggies and Best Australian and New Zealand Blog in 2012.

    Ken Phillips: Ken Phillips is Australia’s leading advocate for the self-employed and independent contractors, and is the Executive Director of Independent Contractors of Australia. Mr. Phillips is the former director of the work reform unit of the Institute of Public Affairs, and is the author of Independence and the Death of Employment.

  • Our Team

    President: Tim Andrews

    Tim Andrews is the Founder and President of the Australian Taxpayers’ Alliance and the Senior International Fellow at the Washington DC based Taxpayers’ Protection Alliance. 

    He holds a Bachelor of Economics, a Bachelor of Laws, and a Masters of Public Policy from the University of Sydney during which time he also served two terms as the Federal President of the Australian Liberal Students’ Federation. Prior to starting the ATA Tim Andrews had been employed by the Cato Institute, Americans for Tax Reform, and as a Koch Associate. He is a Director of the Australian Libertarian Society and Co-Convenor of the Friedman Conference, the largest libertarian conference in the Asia-Pacific Region, a member of the UK Taxpayers Alliance Advisory Council, and a member of the The Commonwealth Freedom of Movement Organisation Advisor Board.

    Executive Director: Brian Marlow

    Brian Marlow is the Executive Director for the Australian Taxpayers' Alliance, and was previous Director of Legalise Vaping Australia, where he headed up our campaign to Legalise life-saving vaping technology in Australia. Brian initially began his involvement in political campaigning in 2015 at a grassroots level when he helped campaign in the North Sydney By-election. In 2016 Brian got involved in federal politics where he worked on the 2016 federal election, as well as managing internal party relations and registration efforts.
    Brian has been interviewed by major national news sources in Australia including the SBS and ABC, as well as countless international newspapers, radio and television stations.

    Deputy Director: Dr John Humphreys

    Dr John Humphreys is a Queensland based economist and scholar who has worked for the World Bank and ASEAN among other organisations.  John received his economics degree with honours from the University of Queensland before going on to work as a Policy Analyst with the Commonwealth Treasury, Consultant with the Centre for International Economics and a Research Fellow at the Centre for Independent Studies. John is the founder and President of the humanitarian non-profit Human Capital Project, and also the Director of the Australian Libertarian Society.

    Director of Policy: Satya Marar

    Satyajeet 'Satya' Marar is a Sydney-based writer, and policy analyst who is the Director of Policy at the Australian Taxpayers' Alliance. He has worked in Australia, New Zealand and the United States. He has provided submissions and appeared before Parliamentary and Senate inquiries to give evidence on tax policy, foreign affairs & trade, public health and civil liberties. He has reported on Federal and state budgets and appears on Radio and TV, including on Sky News and SBS The Feed as a panelist. His articles have been featured in Australian Financial Review, Herald Sun, Daily Telegraph, Newcastle Herald, The Hill, Quillette, Spectator, RealClear Policy, Foundation for Economic Education, Freedom Today, CapX, Quadrant, The Verdict, LibertyWorks and Online Opinion. He received a Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Laws degree with Honours from Macquarie University in 2017, and is an admitted solicitor to the Supreme Court of New South Wales

    Director of Outreach & Engagement: Austen Erickson

    Austen Erickson is the owner of AEON Consulting, and the Chairman Emeritus of Australia and New Zealand Students for Liberty. Austen is currently a graduate student in Applied Mathematics at the University of New South Wales. He holds an MSc in Applied Mathematics from Northwestern University, and a triple BSc from the University of Rochester in Mathematics, Physics, and Environmental Science.

    Office Manager: Eliot Metherell

    Eliot Metherell trained as a teacher of English and history at Macquarie University before leaving Australia to work as a research associate under Dr John Humphreys at the Professional Research Institute for Management and Economics. On returning to Australia, Eliot resumed his studies while working in land conservation before taking up his current position at the ATA. He has been published in The Spectator and LibertyWorks.

    External Affairs Manager: Katarina Perkovic

    Research Associate: Anjali Nadaradjane

    Anjali Nadaradjane is a research associate at the Australian Taxpayers Alliance. She currently studies a Bachelor of Laws and a Bachelor of Arts combined degree majoring in International Relations. She has been published in The Spectator, Libertyworks, The Herald Sun and Daily Telegraph. Prior to joining the ATA, she was a researcher at the Indonesian think tank 'Resilience Development Initiative' in Bandung, Indonesia.

    Research Associate: Jay Bedi

    Jay Bedi is an Actor, Screenwriter & Founder of creative film agency, Nylero, Content Marketing Strategist at Indago Digital & Research Associate at the Australian Taxpayers' Alliance. Jay's focus is on commercialising Australia's film industry through his own productions.

    Research Associate: Joanne Tran

    Research Associate: Mackenzie Lofts

    Research Associate: Louis Williams




  • State Directors

    The Australian Taxpayers' Alliance is excited to announce our newest initiative: the appointment of State Directors to help co-ordinate ATA campaigns in states around Australia!


    Rod-Schneider-180x300-150x150Queensland State Director: Roderick Schneider

    Roderick Schneider is the Membership Director of the Australian Institute for Progress.
    He is a Financial Adviser and is on the Queensland committee of the Association of Financial Advisers. Roderick is a regular guest on Triple J’s current affairs programme Hack, and was a participant in the award-winning SBS documentary “Go Back To Where You Came From.” Roderick holds a Masters degree in Business and a Bachelors degree in Commerce from the University of Southern Queensland, and was a former President of the YLNP.

    0-e1417583335189-150x150 ACT Director: Dr Ben O'Neill

    Dr O'Neil is a lecturer in statistics and mathematics at the University of New South Wales (ADFA) in Canberra. He holds a PhD in statistics, two Masters degrees (economics & law) and two undergraduate degrees (actuarial studies & law). His scholarly writing has been published in The Mathematical Scientist, International Statistical Review, Journal of Approximate Reasoning, Quarterly Journal of Austrian Economics, Policy Journal, and The Independent Review. he is also a Templeton Fellow of the Independent Institute, a presenter at the “Liberty and Society” seminars hosted by The Centre for Independent Studies, speaker at the Australian Mises Seminars, and a regular contributor to the Ludwig von Mises Institute.

    1609697_10152650821929989_322121146_n-1-150x150Victorian Deputy Director: Zeev Vinokurov

    Vladimir Zeev Vinokurov is a practising solicitor. A committed libertarian, he came to his views partly due to his Russian background and keen awareness of its Soviet past. In his spare time he is an avid reader of history, politics and fiction, and helps organise Liberty on the Rocks, a monthly libertarian drinks night, in Melbourne. He has also written for Catallaxy Files and Menzies House.

    unnamed-1-150x150New South Wales State Director: Alex Butterworth

    Alex is an Intellectual Property Lawyer with NewSouth Innovations, having previously worked for global law firm Squire Patton Boggs.

    Alex has previously worked with members of state and federal parliament, state and federal shadow ministers and as an intern with the former Chairman of the United States Congress House Foreign Affairs Committee, Ileana Ros-Lehtinen. As a young person in politics, Alex led several organisations, including the Australian Liberal Students' Federation and the WA branch of Australians for Constitutional Monarchy.

    10822622_10152531371642683_688174069_n-150x150Western Australia State Director: Lee Herridge

    Lee worked for ten years in retail and has spent the last three years working as a labourer for a local small business. He was a candidate in the 2010 Federal election for the seat of Forrest, and a a candidate in the 2012 Busselton City Council elections. He is passionate about housing policy and the minimum wage.

    320133_10150341551984177_1574350674_n-150x150West Australian Deputy State Director: Kathleen Linger

    Kathleen Linger has a Bachelor’s degree in journalism and an MBA. She is a former journalist and editor. Kathleen worked for a number of years in the corporate environment, gaining a broad range of experience in strategic planning, advertising and marketing communications, culture-change, and seminar development. She is one of the Perth Liberty On The Rocks organisers and a Vice President of the Mt Lawley Branch of the Liberal Party.

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