ALP and Coalition Climate Consensus

For another shining example in this election campaign of how indistinguishable the major parties are on policy, look no further than the ALP/Coalition consensus on emissions reductions.


The mainstream ALP/Coalition narrative is that this massive $10 billion cost on the Australian economy will only be borne by “big business”.   As anyone with the most basic understanding of business or economics already knows, the reality is that either these costs will ultimately be passed on to consumers through higher power bills, or will lead to an increase in capital flight. 


But the similarities do not end there.  In a month from now the government’s “safeguard mechanism” (a part of its Direct Action Plan policy) will become operational.  This is essentially an Emissions Trading Scheme with a provision for caps to be reduced from next year, making it eerily similar to the Gillard government’s Clean Energy Act 2011. The Coalition’s ETS legislation was passed by the Senate in 2015 with the support of both the ALP and the Greens.


Costly government interventions into the energy market which punish “big polluters” and pick winners only result in punishing consumers.   Australia needs an energy market based on real price signals, competition and an acceptance of nuclear power, something which all the major parties are agreed they do not want to pursue.

By Dylan Walters

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