Are Our Taxes Paying For The World's Fattest Fat Cats?

Adam Creighton, writing in today's Australian, reports on the obscene amounts of hard earned taxpayer funds paying for public service bureaucrats:

"The head of the Department of Climate Change -- one of many departments of dubious value -- is set to earn at least $700,000 a year by 2014, a 39 per cent pay rise in two years...The secretary of the Prime Minister's department will get $825,000 a year, more than any other and a 50 per cent pay rise.

These increases are preposterous. For instance, the head of the US Treasury earns less than $200,000 a year and the Bank of England governor is paid about pound stg. 310,000 ($487,000). These are roles where the need to attract talent is surely at least as pressing...

The profusion of senior executive service personnel, the 2790 bureaucrats in Canberra who typically earn between $200,000 and $360,000 a year, is even starker. Their number remained broadly flat between 1984 and 2001, but since then their ranks have almost doubled. Entire suburbs of Sydney and Melbourne are paying tax to support these jobs."

We decided to do a quick google search to compare the most recent salaries from some other politicians and bureaucrats in the US and UK to what is being proposed for our bureaucrats in 2014. Here are the results:

Name Job Country Salary ($AUD)
Bill Daley White House Chief of Staff USA $167,000
Tim Geithner Secretary of the Treasury USA $186,000
Ben Bernanke Chairman, Federal Reserve Bank USA $194,000
Gen. Martin Dempsey Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff USA $215,000
David Cameron Prime Minister of the United Kingdom UK $224,000
Jeremy Heywood Permenant Secretary, Prime Minister's Office UK $244,000
Sir John Sawers Chief of the Secret Intelligence Service UK $268,000
Sir Gus O'Donnell Cabinet Secretary UK $376,000
Barack Obama President of the United States USA $390,000
Mervyn King Governor of the Bank of England UK $487,000
Blair Comley Secretary, Department of Climate Change Australia $700,000
Dr Paul Grimes Secretary Department of Sustainability, Environment, Water, Population Australia $700,000
Dr Martin Parkinson Secretary of the Treasury Australia $805,000
Dr Ian Watt Secretary, Department of Prime Minister & Cabinet Australia $825,000

This is a disgrace.

We will be publishing a more comprehensive list in the coming weeks.

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