What Black Panther can teach us about Australia's energy policy

What does Australia have in common with the fictional African nation of Wakanda? Surprisingly, a lot!

Our Director of Policy, Satyajeet Marar, recently wrote for the Herald Sun to make the case for legalising clean and cheap nuclear energy in Australia. With over 30% of the world's Uranium conveniently located beneath our feet, it really should be a no brainer. 

Australians currently pay some of the highest electricity bills in the developed world, in large part due to poor policy decisions by successive governments. The time to life our moratorium on nuclear energy is now. 

The full article can be viewed here.

High electricity prices punish struggling families and businesses. They harm our international productivity and have already sent businesses and jobs overseas. To see our other policy proposals for cheaper, more reliable electricity and to join our campaign to call for a Cheap Energy Target in Australia: click here. 

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