ATA Media Release: Repeal Backpacker Tax Completely

The Australian Taxpayers’ Alliance welcomes the government’s announcement that the highly unpopular “backpacker tax” proposal will be slashed by over 30%. The proposed taxation on working holiday makers from will drop from 32.5% to 19%.

“The Australian Taxpayers’ Alliance was at the forefront of repealing the working holiday maker tax. An overwhelming percentage of taxpayers do not believe this policy is fair or sustainable, and will instead cripple our agricultural and tourism industries” says Australian Taxpayers’ Alliance Operations Director, Celeste Arenas.

“The government must consider the severe labour shortages that exist in rural areas, and the massive benefits that working holiday makers contribute to the economy. It should consider policies that attract backpackers, not policies that repel them.”

“Instead of raising the suggested $500 million in revenue, this tax will still reduce the demand for working holiday makers, as they relocate to more taxpayer friendly nations like New Zealand or Canada.”

“Instead of looking towards growth, innovation and competition, this government has reduced its revenue raising strategy to taxation. We urge the government to look at better, more sustainable ways to balance the budget instead of crippling our tourism and agricultural industries with another tax.”

“While we still think the legislation should be abandoned in it’s entirety, we’re glad to see the tax rate reduced.”


Celeste Arenas, Operations Director, Australian Taxpayers’ Alliance
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