ATA Policy Director appears on 2SER Radio, calls out abuse of taxpayers by the ATO

This morning, ATA Director of Policy, Satyajeet Marar, appeared on 2SER radio 107.3 where he was interviewed about the recent ABC/Four Corners investigation into the ATO and their abuse of small businesses and ordinary taxpayers through erroneous and exorbitant debt claims, denial of procedural fairness and a vexatious revenue-raising culture that puts the appropriation of money first and fairness second.

You can listen to the podcast here.

Since 2015, the ATA has lobbied for the burden of proof in tax evasion claims to be reversed, so the ATO bears the burden of establishing the validity of its allegations prior to claiming funds from vulnerable taxpaying businesses. The recent ABC/Four Corners investigation reveals that many businesses may have since been driven bankrupt at the behest of claims based on basic administrative errors. 

To see the ATA's full response to recent revelations about the ATO, click here.



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