Australia Institute's Lies Exposed

The far-left Australia Institute's campaign against the Australian mining industry has been thoroughly discredited as using "massive economic deception" .

A comprehensive analysis by the former Secretary of the New South Wales Treasury has revealed the claim that the mining industry receives $17.6 billion of subsidies from state and territory governments as a   “flawed analysis”, “distorted understanding” and “just plain wrong”.

This is long overdue - the dishonesty of the Australia Institute's campaign has been widely known, and it is a welcome relief that their deception and concocted figures have finally been exposed for the bunk they are.

The Minerals Council of NSW concludes:
Whether the errors and distortions uncovered by Michael Schur were made wilfully or in ignorance, it is now indisputably clear that the Australia Institute is little more than the research arm of the greens party. Its analysis of the mining sector cannot be trusted.

You can read the full report here.

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