Can You Help Topher Convince The Apolitical & Apathetic?

I assume by now everyone would have seen “The Forbidden History of Unpopular People: Why Free Speech is Worth The Price”?

Made by a young Melbourne-based film maker, I (together with Andrew BoltJo Nova & The IPA) thought it was one of the best new online videos advocating our beliefs made in the last few years!

A strong defence of the fundamental principle of freedom of speech, and a stinging attack on the Gillard Government’s attempts to censor our thoughts, it is a must watch. Click here if you haven’t seen it already!

Building on its great popularity, Topher, the creator of this film, is now ready to create more episodes - and to tackle our tax burden and wasteful government spending head on! These next videos promise to be even better than his first one, and EXACTLY what we need to get our message out.

Short, funny, accessible – this is something your average non-politically aware Australian will love. And it is something that will change their minds. Tens of thousands of Australians uninterested in politics watched his first video - imagine what will happen when he has the resources to take on the bigger issues!

His view is  exactly in line with ours and we are very happy to give him our support.

Here is what he has planned:

Educated Australians already know the dangers our country faces. We now need to reach out to the apolitical. This is how we will do so. In these new videos, Topher will engage apolitical Australians and prove just how bad our high-taxing, high-spending wasteful ways are.

Now more than ever we need to get our message out in different ways and reach new people. These innovative and exciting films are the perfect way to do it.

Topher needs to make his vision of creating Episode 2 (The Forbidden History of Terrible Taxes: Counting the Cost of Government) and episode 3 ('The Forbidden History of Gargantuan Government: The Body Count of Bureaucracy) a reality.

This is a worthy cause, and something that we need to make happen.

That is why I just invested in his new production – and I would ask you to consider doing so alsoClick here to read exactly what has planned and see for yourself. I think you will be impressed. 

Like anything worthwhile, a project as effective as this requires significant resources. Topher has already raised a significant amount from generous donors, but not enough yet. We need to help him reach his target.

He has made a pledge: if he doesn’t reach his target by July 17th, all funds will be refunded. There is no danger of funding something that will not turn out perfectly. So I think we need to help him out. And, every donor over $25 will be listed in production credits and have their name marked down in history!

Please don't take my work for it though - watch his videos, read what he has planned, and see for yourself!

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