Climate Change Bureaucrats Living It Up

Recently, we reported on how our taxpayer-funded bureaucrats were outfitting their offices with $15,000 coffee machines and how our Department of Climate Change spent over $3million last year jetsetting around the world in luxury.

Well, apparently that's not enough for our carbon tax bureaucrats, because the department is now set to buy ten high-end bar fridges as part of a luxury white-goods splurge with our money! Their shopping list even includes a 40 bottle top-of-the-line wine cabinet "with a glass and stainless steel front". This is all part of the new Department of Climate Change complex, which, "with a yearly rent of $6.4 million, offers 738 public servants luxury digs over seven floors, with space of 16sq m per person and two kitchenettes on each level."

Our taxes at work.


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