Give Back our Codeine!

Give Back our Codeine!

As of now, Australians can no longer purchase codeine over the counter at their pharmacy.

This ban hurts us all. It will strain our Medicare system, forcing Aussies to endure hour-long lines to see their GP for relief from acute pain such as migraines and toothaches – instead of spending just minutes at their local chemist.

This will take away much-needed resources from sufferers of serious illness who need it the most, and will burden working taxpayers nationwide.

Forcing patients to see their GP for effective, short-term pain relief will also:

-          Hurt low income earners and the working poor who are forced to take time off work or family to see the doctor.

-          Force women to endure long waits for effective relief from period pain and endometriosis.

-          Hurt those who genuinely need relief and cannot use alternative medications due to allergies or side effects.

-          Hurt rural and regional Australians who do not have easy access to a GP. 

-          Create a codeine black market and encourage ‘doctor shopping.’ 

-          Encourage more dangerous practices such as double-dosing on ibuprofen for the same effect.

Codeine is proven to be more effective against pain than ibuprofen or paracetamol.

Abuse is uncommon and was monitored successfully through the effective MedsAssist program.

Now the government has shut down this unique program in favour of an ineffective ban that will force Aussies in pain to suffer while straining our medicare system and hurting working taxpayers nationwide.

Tell them that this is NOT on!

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