Counter protest: "Occupy Sydney" - Saturday, 13 October

This Saturday, the hard-left socialist “Occupy Sydney” movement will be celebrating their 1 year anniversary.

They will be holding a big rally calling for a return to the failed socialist policies of the past.  Supported by Green Left Weekly, the Socialist Alternative, and the usual band of far-left professional protesters, they plan to take over the city.

And all of this at our expense. The free rental of Martin Place as their Australian Corporate Head Office.

Up until now they have been given a free ride by the media and Clover Moore's Sydney City Council.  They have camped out in Martin Place spreading their message of entitlement, class warfare and hate all year.

The “takers” of wealth are telling the “makers” how to spend their contribution. The people that haven't worked in their life are telling the people that have worked all their life, that they want to spend our money. Its not on and ENOUGH is ENOUGH!

It’s time we stood up to them.  It’s time hard working taxpayers had their say.

This is why we are organising the Rally for Taxpayers’ Rights – a counter protest to say NO to their radical agenda!

This Saturday, when they are demanding our tax dollars, we will be there.

We will be meeting at 12:00pm on Saturday, 13 October at Hyde Park North (St James Corner) for a peaceful protest supporting true Aussie values.

We won’t have any long speeches.  We haven’t invited any politicians.  This is about ordinary Australians standing up for what is right and sending a message that these extremists don’t represent us.

If you believe – like I do – that we need reduce the size of government, cut the waste, and take on the fat cats in Canberra, I hope you will join us.

If you are on facebook, you can join our event group here, otherwise please feel free to forward this to all your friends, and I hope to see you there!

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