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The federal government’s new laws on small loans and consumer goods leasing could see millions of families denied access to credit and consumer goods when they need it, while potentially setting a horrible precedent for locking Australians out of home loans, car loans, and much more.


The Financial Services Ministry, backed by Labor opposition support, want to cap the repayments for small loans and consumer good rentals to 10 percent of the consumer’s income – a cap which will make it harder for families to access to the consumer goods they are leasing, and will make essential credit even more difficult to access for those who need it the most.


Additionally, the changes will:

  • Destroy over 380 small businesses
  • Kill over 1,500 jobs.
  • Deprive up to 500,000 families of essential household items like electrical appliances, washing machines, fridges and televisions, many from rural and regional Australia.


The small loans and consumer good leasing changes are a shameless attack on our right to access essential items.  They will not only deny hardworking families an important lifeline.  They will also decimate small businesses and jobs.


What’s next?  Caps on repayments for car loans and home loans...?


Tell the government and opposition that they have no right to dictate how hardworking Australians and our families should spend our own money.


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