Did Rob Oakeshott MP Blatantly Lie To Us?

With news that Kevin Rudd is "scrapping the carbon tax", our readers might remember a bizarre interaction we had with Rob Oakeshott MP back in March, where the Federal Member for Lyne bizarrely argued that not only was the carbon tax not a tax, but that customs and excise taxes were also not taxes.

It now appears possible that Mr Oakeshott blatantly lied in that conversation. And that he is blatantly lying now. 

We are not talking about bending the truth here - we are talking about a bald-faced lie. 

Of course, we could be mistaken - but judge for yourself:

By way of background: After the publication of that blog post, Mr Oakeshott agreed to ask Treasury why - if the carbon tax wasn't a tax - it was listed in the Budget under "tax revenue" and not "non-tax revenue". He was "pretty confident" that we won't like Treasury's answer, in fact!




Since then, we have been waiting for a response:

And waiting: 

 And waiting: 

  And waiting:

And waiting::

But finally! Lo and behold! He finally responded!

And here is where things become truly bizarre:



As you can see, Mr Oakeshott stated CLEARLY AND UNEQUIVOCALLY that he asked this as a question on notice: "It has been asked and is public".

We searched for it, and we couldn't find it, so we asked Mr Oakeshott for a link. He refused to provide one. And has since stopped responding to our tweets.

Mr Oakeshott's  Questions on Notice can be found here. This question isn't listed. Evening widening the search parameters it isn't listed. I have since asked other people to search, and no-one has been able to find any evidence of this question being asked.

The question then must be asked: Is Mr Oakeshott Lying? Did he lie then when he said he would ask the question? Did he lie yesterday when he said he did ask the question? Did he lie because he found out that he was wrong?

There are, of course, two other explanations. Firstly, it could be that Mr Oakeshott realised he was wrong, and tried to cover it up. Or secondly, that he did in fact ask the question, and our team were simply unable to find it. However, as he has had a week now to adduce evidence of this, I do find it at least somewhat unlikely.

So I ask you all: go to the APH website, have a look for yourself, and see if you can find this mystery letter that Rob Oakeshott MP wrote. If you can find it, please let us know in comments as we really would like to know the answer.

UPDATE: After a week of not responding to our requests for verification of his comments, Mr Oakeshott has finally responded to this blogpost with the following tweet:

As catchy as "spiderweb of hate groups" may be, not exactly any evidence he was telling the truth now, is it?

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