Doha sets up $3bn hit for taxpayers

The Australian reports on the latest attack on Aussie taxpayers by our government:

AUSTRALIA has backed a global climate change deal that offers poor countries financial aid for the "loss and damage" they suffer from extreme weather events, in a new step that could one day leave taxpayers with a $3 billion annual bill.

Developing nations acclaimed the deal for clearing the way for compensation claims against advanced economies as the summit failed to set new targets to cut greenhouse gas emissions, further delaying the crucial decisions until 2014.

Climate Change Minister Greg Combet declared the "loss and damage" provisions would not leave Australia exposed to financial claims, insisting yesterday that the aim was merely to help countries adapt to change.

But experts say the obligation - written into the global climate accord for the first time - would lead to long-term demands on rich countries to pay for rebuilding if hurricanes and other disasters could be linked to climate change. 

The mind really boggles how the Australian government could go along with such an obvious con.

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