Don't Disable Australia: No Bailout Julia Levy

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Don’t Disable Australia: Say No To The Bailout-Julia Levy!  

The Australian Taxpayers’ Alliance, a 25,000 member strong nonpartisan grassroots activist group dedicated to fighting tax, regulation and waste, today announced their strong opposition to plans to increase the Medicare Levy by 33% to fund the National Disability Insurance Scheme.

“Australia simply can’t afford another hike in taxes” said Tim Andrews, Executive Director of the Australian Taxpayers’ Alliance. “Supporting the disabled is a key responsibility of governments – but the NDIS must be funded by cuts in overspending, and not another grubby tax hike”.

“Since coming to power in 2007, the Australian Labor Party has hiked taxes a staggering 29 times to pay for wasteful spending. They have introduced the carbon tax, the alcopops tax, and mining tax, they’ve taxed Australians working overseas, they’ve increased the tobacco tax, the car tax, and the superannuation tax, and abolished tax deductions on education. This is a government gone tax-mad”

“Australian families are already struggling and businesses are shedding jobs and shutting their doors as a result of big government choking our economy. Enough is enough!”

 “The Medicare Levy is a political fraud” added Queensland based economist and Deputy Director of the Australian Taxpayers’ Alliance John Humphreys. “It is simply a way to increase income taxes without admitting the truth, and the proposed change doesn’t cover the cost of the NDIS - hiding the scheme’s true cost. To make matters worse, it is actually regressive since the marginal Medicare rate is 10% for low-income earners, while people on higher incomes pay a marginal rate of 2%.

The Australian Taxpayers’ Alliance will be launching a national campaign starting 3rd of May urging Australians to contact their Member of Parliament and demand that the NDIS be paid for by spending cuts, as well as writing to all backbenches asking them to cross the floor.

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