Don't Disable Australia: No Bailout Julia Levy!

Prime Minister Julia Gillard has just announced ANOTHER tax slug to bailout her government and pay for her wasteful spending.

Supporting the disabled is a key responsibility of governments – but the NDIS must be funded by cuts in overspending, and not another grubby tax hike.

We have just announced a new campaign to fight this grubby tax hike.

Click HERE to contact your MP TODAY and say: Australia simply can’t afford another hike in taxes. 

Since coming to power in 2007, the Australian Labor Party has hiked taxes a staggering twenty nine times to pay for wasteful spending.

They have introduced the carbon tax, the alcopops tax, and mining tax, they’ve taxed Australians working overseas, they’ve increased the tobacco tax, the car tax, and the superannuation tax, and abolished tax deductions on education. This is a government gone tax-mad. The result? Businesses killing jobs and shutting their doors, and families struggling just to make ends meet.


This tax hike will hit the poorest the most (the Medicare Levy is a regressive tax with the marginal rate 10% for low-income earners, while people on higher incomes pay 2%). It will hurt the economy, and it will hurt every single family.

Click HERE to contact your MP today and say: Australia just can’t afford another tax hike.   


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