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The Australian Taxpayers’ Alliance is at the forefront of fighting to preserve our liberties against big government.

But we can’t do this without your help: You can’t change the world if you can’t pay the rent!

Your generous support is VITAL for us to expand our efforts in fighting the radical extremist left-wing agenda, and saving Australia from financial ruin.

Please invest $50, $100 or $250 in Australia's future and help us expand our work, and reach more people.
We must act now before it is too late - your contribution of $50, $100, or $250 WILL make a difference!


If you are unable to donate online, you can:

1)Support us via a Direct Debit Donation:

Account Name: Australian Taxpayers' Alliance
BSB: 012-019
Account Number: 1844-52668

2) Cheques & Money Orders can be made out to the Australian Taxpayers' Alliance, and mailed to:

Australian Taxpayers' Alliance
P.O. Box A2208
Sydney South, NSW, 1235

3)Cash donations can be made at any ANZ branch quoting our account number: 1844-52668

4) Telephone: We are now able to accept credit card payments through an automated phone system

To access this, please use the following instructions:
Step 1: Call: (02) 9045 9210
Step 2: Enter Biller ID:  406009
Step 3: Enter Reference Number: 555
Step 4: Enter the amount in dollars and cents: $XX.XX
Step 5: Enter your card details

The Australian Taxpayers' Alliance is not considered a third-party political entity under NSW campaign financing laws as we are prohibited from our charter to affect, either directly or indirectly, any election outcome. As such, the Australian Taxpayers' Alliance is not covered by NSW campaign financing laws.
Please note that, to ensure we have maximum freedom in our activities, donations are not tax deductible

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