Don't Censor Facebook

The Australian Government wants to force censorship onto social media platforms like Facebook - even threatening to jail executives if they do not crack down harshly enough.

With 15 million Australians, and billions of people internationally, using Facebook to talk to each other and engage with the lives of their friends and families across the country and the world we simply cannot allow the government to risk the freedom of communication that Facebook and other social media platforms provide us.

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We, the people of Australia, call on the Australian Government to withdraw his demand for Facebook and other social media platforms to punish their users with onerous censorship regulations. 

It is reckless and reprehensible to endanger the freedom of communication that 15 million Australians enjoy on Facebook alone by threatening to imprison the executives of such platforms purely out of a desire to control our speech and our ability to express ourselves online.

Government must not proceed with this initiative and must respect the autonomy of such platforms and the pivotal role they perform in our society.

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