Stop Dubbo's Bridge to Nowhere

Dubbo Bridge to Nowhere - The Australian Taxpayers' Alliance

NSW taxpayers will be forced to shell out $140 million for a bridge that seven in ten Dubbo residents don’t even want- according to a council survey.

Dubbed by Dubbo residents as the ‘Bridge to Nowhere’, the new bridge on River St will:

  • not improve traffic flow during a flood as the route and bridge is still in a flood zone and will be cut off in time of flood.
  • not provide access from the north into Dubbo’s CBD during flood.
  • not improve traffic flow and congestion in Dubbo and will not reduce average traffic delays.
  • Ignore more popular alternatives, such as a ring-road by-pass on the Newell Highway, that will cost taxpayers less and do a better job of resolving Dubbo’s flood-related and traffic congestion issues.

Instead of listening to us, the state government is ignoring the concerns of a majority of citizens in Dubbo and proceeding with little community consultation.

The bridge to nowhere will subject us to years of noisy, expensive, and intrusive construction for no real benefit- all while increasing commute times and failing to address the problems that it’s supposed to.

There are better ways to resolve Dubbo’s traffic problems and flooding issues while costing taxpayers less, and falling in-line with the concerns of the community.

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