End Crony Capitalism

The Financial Review makes a valid point that is well known among economic literates: crony capitalists are killing our faith in free markets.

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It's terrible that companies get away with this, but it is perhaps more terrible that too many people are not aware just how problematic this is. It is harder for a person to see what is wrong with government handouts to large corporations, when they don't see anything wrong with government handouts to smaller ones. In both cases, handouts are uncalled for, unnecessary and unjustified. When the company is larger however, so are the consequences and so is the cost to every day taxpayers.

As Milton Friedman puts it, "free markets are the enemies of big business." Large corporations that seek profit via any means possible disregard the philosophical tenets of a free market and tend to use the state in their interest.

This is why we need an educated population to call out crony capitalism for what it is, and not to condemn capitalism for what it's not.

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