Penalty rate revision a win for jobs and commerce

The ATA and MyChoice welcome the Fairwork Commission's decision to revise Sunday penalty rates from 200% to 150% in line with Saturday penalty rates for a number of industries.


Writing for The Spectator, MyChoice Australia Director & ATA Research Associate Satyajeet Marar noted that "Consumers expect access to a range of services and products on weekends and the high, often prohibitive costs of keeping business open on a Sunday due in large part to compulsory penalty rates for staff do not help matters."

"Rows of closed shops on a Sunday afternoon are a sorry sight for workers and students too. The weekend is the most convenient time for many students to engage in part-time work and more working hours means greater pay. Reducing the Sunday penalty rates means that more staff can be recruited and more working hours can be given to existing staff. This is especially important for states like South Australia where the number of 15-24 year-olds looking to work has shot up to nearly a shocking 20 per cent."

Satya's article can be viewed here

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