Forget building our own Subs – Time to buy them from our ally

A guest post from Andy Semple asking why taxpayers are paying through the nose for overpriced submarines that probably won't work when we could get proven ones from the Americans at half the cost:

This is what I said back on 5th June, 2012:


The US navy welcomed the most recent addition to its fleet of Virginia-class nuclear-powered Attack Submarines yesterday. The USS Mississippi came in a year early and under budget at $2 billion. So instead of building 12 conventional submarines here at a cost of $40bn, why don't we buy 12 from the Americans for $24bn? The added advantage is they will also work.

There are certain things we here in Australia aren’t good at building and Submarines is definitely one of them. Sure these Subs are nuclear powered, but ours wouldn’t be nuclear armed. The benefits of being a nuclear powered sub means the sub can stay underwater for months on end which is sort of what you want our subs to do.

These Virginia-Class Submarines take more than five years to build and now cost about $2.4 billion USD apiece. Click here and step aboard the US Navy’s most advanced submarine.

(Originally published on Andy's personal blog)

I tell you this, if we had a fleet of these puppy’s protecting our nation, no one would want to screw with us.

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