Government Department discovers game changing way to spend taxpayer money.


(Well the Campaign isn’t unfortunately)

The Department of Finance kicked off a new $40,000 game changing campaign today to highlight its Graduate program through detailing some of the great experiences available. It also hints at the delicious food options available to staff like its Paleo Pear and Banana Bread. Not to be outdone by the food, the campaign features a short film involving staff delivering acting and dialogue worthy of Hollywood greats like Star Wars Episodes 1-3. 

The campaign highlights some of the great opportunities for staff such as the ability to sit in meetings to present and discuss new game changing projects. Projects like how they can change the game when it comes to holding meetings to discuss how game changing the organisation is.

The campaign displays other program features such as the buddy program where graduates support one another by removing all notions of individual identity and only referring to one another as “buddy”. The flexibility of the department is also displayed through new innovative approaches to conferencing such as the use of tools such as Skype. A game changing tool that they hope will one day also find use in other departments such as the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade. The Department of Finance hopes to stand out from the many other graduate programs on offer for 2018. One way they have done this is with game changing edginess such as having staff use words from the banned list when talking to others such as ‘guys’.

Despite all the wonderful and exciting aspects of graduate life shown in the video, there are concerns that graduates are missing out on time communicating graduate outcomes and fulfilling their daily quota for praising the department. Unfortunately graduate life is demanding and they are often overworked with having to talk to people in hallways or over coffee as part of the slogan modernisation program. In addition, many worry that there is a lack of support for diversity in the workplace. There are reports that an employee reportedly refused to join co-workers for paleo pear and banana bread, labelling such food as being “too fancy”. The Department dismisses these concerns saying it takes diversity seriously and would have managers meet in front of other graduates to discuss these important HR concerns.

Commentators suspected that the advertised graduate program may involve finance work and sound and sensible spending of taxpayer money, however this could not be confirmed.

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