Happy Australia Day from all of us here at the Australian Taxpayers’ Alliance!

Happy Australia Day from all of us here at the Australian Taxpayers’ Alliance!

Today is the day we come together to celebrate our amazing country and its accomplishments. We are lucky to live in the greatest country in the world, and we all enjoy the numerous benefits of living in a prosperous, free society and thriving liberal democracy. We have good reason to be proud of our inclusive nation as our Policy Director, Satya Marar, described in his Daily Telegraph opinion piece last week. Sadly, we have seen increasing debate over recent years about the legitimacy of Australia Day as radical activists have launched the #ChangeTheDate campaign and in trying to rename our national holiday as ‘Invasion Day’. The stated reason for this is to recognise the trials and tribulations of Aboriginals and Torres Strait Islanders, and we certainly understand the effects of history that last to this day.

But changing the date will do nothing to combat the disadvantage that many indigenous Australians face. It is a symbolic gesture that will anger people and divide the country, rather than make any positive change. Changing the date of Australia Day or changing its name to "Invasion Day" will have no impact on the wellbeing of Indigenous Australians and it will do nothing to close the gap in education, life expectancy, or employment. So if changing the date won't bring about any good then, why are so many professional activists and their friends in our political classes spending so much money on it? The reason is simple. The campaign against Australia Day is not really about indigenous Australians. It is a campaign by our political elites who hate everything Australia stands for and who want to erase our history, our heritage, and our values. Australia is fortunate to be a pluralist liberal democracy, founded upon principles of individual rights, private property, and individual freedom.

We are the product of millenia of Western Civilisation, the heirs to hundreds of years of post-Englightenent thoughts and values. In seeking to undermine Australia Day, in seeking to undermine our history, they seek to undermine the very values and principles that underpin our country. On the other hand, we here at the Australian Taxpayers’ Alliance believe that Australia Day is a time for celebration, a time to acknowledge the good in our country, and reflect on the great liberal democracy we have created. It is a time to look back and see how far we’ve come as a society, and how far we can go.

It is a day of unity and a day to celebrate the history and the very principles that made us the great country we are. That is why all of us here at the Australian Taxpayers' Alliance are unashamedly proud to wish you a VERY HAPPY AUSTRALIA DAY!

So whether you're spending today at the beach, having family over a BBQ, playing some backyard cricket, or just enjoying a relaxing day, we hope you have a great long weekend and enjoy what this great country has to offer!


Tim Andrews

Executive Director Australian Taxpayers' Alliance

P.S. Unlike GetUp! and other radical extremists who wish to change Australia Day, the Australian Taxpayers’ Alliance does not receive millions of dollars in donations from unions or shady foreign organisations, and relies entirely on the generosity of individual donors to fight for a more free and fair Australia.

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