Health Lobbyists' War on Our Wallets

Not content with restrictions and world-leading ‘sin taxes’ on our drinks and smokes, public health lobbyists now want you and your family to pay more at the supermarket every week with a draconian sugar tax, a tax hike on alcohol, and more nanny state intrusions

All because they think that they know better than you how to live your life.

Meanwhile, the Royal College of Physicians wants to hit Australians with a price floor on alcohol that could drive the cost of a four litre wine cask from $13 to a whopping $52: devastating wineries across Australia, their workers, and responsible Aussie drinkers.

These tax hikes and restrictions will do nothing to improve public health and will only punish us and our families by tearing into our budgets.

They will also disproportionately impact poor and lower-income Aussies.

The AMA represents a paltry 25% of doctors. And while it claims to support tobacco taxes because it cares about smokers and wants to help them quit, it also continues to deny them legal access to proven safer alternatives such as vapes despite scientific consensus endorsed by leading international authorities like the UK Royal College of Physicians.

The real kicker to all this? They claim that a majority of Australians would support these draconian attacks on our way of life!

Make no mistake, well-resourced health lobbyists are determined to get in the ears of politicians to spread their high-taxing nanny state agenda.

The only way to combat them is to send a strong message to the powers that be.

Sign our petition below to oppose the busybody attacks on our wallets, businesses and family budgets.

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