Aussie Farmers and Taxpayers Taken for Fools

Australia’s farmers, a pillar of our economy and society since day one, are facing enormous struggles caused by an inept bureaucracy which has mishandled water allocations across the Murray-Darling Basin: our nation’s largest river system.

Adding insult to injury, corruption is rife in the $13b-billion-plus Murray Darling Basin Authority’s plan. Giant, international companies are being paid double what their allocation is worth by the Government in water buybacks while small farmers struggle to keep their cattle fed and the crops growing.

Australian taxpayers are being taken for fools to the tune of billions, with little oversight in the MDBA despite countless non-compliance investigations into its buyback scheme and numerous prosecutions.

It is an absolute outrage that a government agency responsible for the care of the biggest river system is getting away with ripping off taxpayers and devastating our farmers at a time when water is so precious!

Please! Sign our petition and join us in telling the Australian government that enough is enough - we deserve better, we demand better.

We, the taxpayers of Australia, are disgusted by the abject failure of the Murray-Darling Basin Authority and its reckless waste of taxpayer funds in caring for such a precious resource as the Murray-Darling Basin.

Further, we are saddened by the ineptitude shown by the MDBA in allocating water correctly to ensure our farmers can survive and continue to play an integral role in our society as producers of food. Through its mismanagement, the MDBA has driven up the cost of water at a time when it is becoming ever more scarce, thereby threatening the survival of an industry which is not only key to our economic well-being but also a cornerstone of our national history and culture.

We demand an inquiry into the mismanagement of the MDBA immediately.

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