How To Cut $23.5 billion a year in Waste

The Australian covers a new report by the Institute of Public Affairs that identifies a$23.5 billion a year in waste:
THE Gillard government could pay for all its election promises and more without cutting a cent from education, wealth and social security spending, a leading think tank claims.

As the government scrambles to find budget savings to pay for disability and education reforms, the Institute of Public Affairs has compiled a list of federal budget savings worth $23.5 billion a year...

"We've highlighted areas for cutting that should be 'no-brainers', ones that demonstrably detract from social value by distorting the economy, duplicating state functions and diverting resources from more productive sectors," said IPA director of deregulation Alan Moran.

"For instance, we've been giving Papua New Guinea around $500 million a year for 30 years and there's little evidence the country is becoming significantly less poor."

Read the full report over at the IPA website

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