How To Get Any Taxpayer Grant: Add Climate Change To The Application!

Philippa Martyr, writing in Quadrant Online, looks at some of the grants the Australian Research Council forked taxpayer dollars out for, and discovered that - in any discipline - the trick to getting your hands on taxpayer funds is easy: just add climate change to the applications!

Some examples:

Literary Studies: “The project will devise and develop a new 'cultural materialist' paradigm for science fiction studies and apply it to a case study of science fictional representations of catastrophe, especially nuclear war, plague and extreme climate change.” ($239,000)

Historical Studies: “This project will produce a comprehensive new biography of H.V. Evatt, High Court judge, minister in the 1940s, President of the United Nations General Assembly and leader of the Australian Labor Party opposition during the 1950s. Evatt's life resonates with modern challenges both of liberty in a time of terror, and of internationalism in a time of global warming.” ($185,000)

Psychology: “Climate change represents a moral challenge to humanity, and one that elicits high levels of emotion. This project examines how emotions and morality influence how people send and receive messages about climate change, and does so with an eye to developing concrete and do-able strategies for positive change.” ($197,302)

Click here for the full list.


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