In Memory of Professor Robert M. Carter

unnamedWe'd like to pay tribute to Professor Robert M. Carter, Emeritus Fellow of the IPA, who passed away just last week.

Working endlessly for an educated society, Professor Carter made major contributions towards scientific thought. He helped to shape a debate often marred by controversy, replacing the unwarranted fear of global warming with the scientific innovations that help people in their day to day lives.

Able to explain complex scientific concepts in understandable ways, he exuded a natural passion and optimism for science that was clear to everyone who met him.

With an outstanding record in academic record in geology, paleontology, marine science and climate change, Professor Carter was dedicated to scientific integrity. He was not only influential within Australia, but across the world.

We wish all the best to his friends and family at this very difficult time. May there be more people with his vision and commitment towards a better society.

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