International Tax Hike Agenda Must Be Opposed

The Australian Taxpayers' Alliance is proud to be part of an international coalition of 22 organisations to combat proposed new international taxes.

Whether it be slugging our corporations, as Joe Hockey has admitted he wants to do, or increasing lifestyle taxes that hurt the poor most, proposals to slug taxpayers around the world must be fought tooth and nail.

On the matter of tax competition which Joe Hockey is opposed to, the letter notes:
Tax competition can be a key factor driving countries to lower tax rates and increase economic activity.As globalization increases and multi-regional government entities, such as the EU, become more common, it is important to understand the debate behind tax harmonization and tax competition. Tax harmonization essentially creates an “equi-tax” system where burdens for some areas are “rounded upward” to create the same level of taxation throughout a region. But taxing everyone at the same level undermines the incentive to globalize and expand economic innovation. Tax Competition, by contrast, is a natural dynamic that allows people to move economic resources from high tax areas to low tax areas. Other regions must adjust, or risk depriving their own peoples of opportunities to prosper. This maximizes economic efficiency and allows consumers to pay the best price for the highest quality.

You can read the full open letter here: International Coalition Letter on International Taxes

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