LEAKED: Gillard's Anti Free Speech Informational!

The threat to freedom of speech found in the Human Rights and Anti-Discrimination Bill is FAR from over.

Despite some media reports implying otherwise, the government has NOT backed down from the proposal to make offending someone illegal. All they had done is offer a series of still deeply flawed options they are “considering”, which include backing down, but do NOT guarantee it. NO decision has been made to abandon the provision. The new Commonwealth Attorney-General Mark Dreyfus is NOT a supporter of free speech. He has praised laws making it illegal to offend people  in the past and defended the original proposal. Click here for more information about the bill.Make no mistake: this threat remains very, very real.In fact, we've just discovered this SHOCKING infomercial promoting the new laws! This is a MUST WATCH!!!Please check out the video below and share it with all your friends:
Okay, so the video isn't real (but we hope you found it funny!), but the threat is.

If this proposal is enacted, what you see in the video WILL become law.

The Senate Committee will decide on Monday the 18th of February if they are to go ahead wit this proposal. It is VITAL that every Australian demands that this bill be rejected in its entirety.

We have just launched a new website and online action centre dedicated to free speech where you can contact your MP and DEMAND this bill be rejected.

Please and then vist www.FreeSpeechAustralia.com and contact your MP to save free speech in Australia!


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