Media Release: 2012 Budget Fails Australians

Media Release
2012 Budget Fails Aussie Taxpayers

The 2012 Federal Budget is a lost opportunity that fails Australia, according to the Australian Taxpayers' Alliance. The Australian Taxpayers' Alliance, a grassroots activist group representing taxpayers against special interest groups, is dedicated to promoting lean government and cutting waste.

"The 2012 Budget has failed Aussie families and businesses" said Timothy Andrews, Executive Director of the Australian Taxpayers' Alliance.

"This is a budget of tax hikes, wasteful spending and missed opportunities. Rather than simplify our cumbersome and anti-competitive tax system and reduce the burden on taxpayers, no meaningful reform was undertaken whatsoever.

"Tax receipts are set to increase 10% as Australians are being slugged with six separate tax hikes - making a total of 26 new or raised taxes by the Federal government. Particularly troubling is the government's insistence on punishing the most productive sector of our economy with a 'supertax'.

"Meanwhile, despite all the tough talk, wasteful spending and vote-buying handouts - from $1.5 million to build the Islamic Museum of Australia to $36.1 in taxpayer-funded carbon tax compensation bribe propaganda to $63 million to establish free to air Indigenous television service to $215 million in subsidies to General Motors - continues unchecked. Our bureaucrats continue to be some of the highest paid in the world and 35% of taxes goes to support a broken welfare system crying out for reform.

"Business and family tax relief measures contained, and a reduction in our bloated bureaucracy, are welcome, but too little, too late.

"Also disappointing is the refusal to reform Australia's anti-competitive corporate tax rate. Australia's corporate tax is one of the highest in the world, driving jobs and business overseas and hurting economic growth.

"If the government and opposition were genuinely committed to Australia and not beholden to special interest groups they would cut taxes, cut wasteful spending, and return taxpayers their money.

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