MEDIA RELEASE: Australian Taxpayers’ Alliance condemn Federal Health Ministry’s $600,000 Instagram model cash splash

20 July 2018

The Australian Taxpayers’ Alliance (ATA) today condemned Greg Hunt MP’s Health Ministry for spending over $600,000 in taxpayer funds on handouts to Instagram “influencers” to “promote women’s health.”

“Wasting well over half a million dollars on instagram models including some pushing extreme fad diets, is an inexcusable rort of the public purse. Hardworking Aussie taxpayers footing one of the developed world’s heaviest tax burdens deserve better.” Said Satyajeet Marar, Director of Policy at the ATA.

“It’s unconscionable that Greg Hunt’s Health Ministry handed out as much as $3,000 per post on Instagram models under the Ministry’s ‘Pay for Poses’ program while simultaneously denying smokers legal access to nicotine vapes and other proven safer alternatives which have helped over 10 million Europeans, Americans and Britons quit smoking and would cost the taxpayer nothing.

“Paying exorbitant sums to Instagram stars to pose in bikinis is something one would expect of a corrupt, satirical third-world nation and not a supposedly first-world public health agency. The ATA demand that the funds generated by honest taxpayers are spent responsibly on evidence-based public health policy at a time when our gross national debt is ballooning past $600 billion, a whopping $40,000+ for every Aussie household, that our kids and grandkids will pay for.”

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