Media Release: Taxpayers Commend One Nation's Transparency Commitment

The Australian Taxpayers’ Alliance (ATA) today commended One Nation for announcing it will join the ATA and campaign for online transparency portals to publish details of government expenditure. At a press conference in Bundaberg this afternoon, Senator Malcolm Roberts (ON-QLD) committed One Nation to solving the “Pollie Perks controversy” with an commitment to “pursue a whole-of government Transparency Portal." Senator Roberts noted “The portal is used throughout the United States and Europe; now it’s Australia’s turn.”

"Australian taxpayers deserve to know how their money is being spent" said ATA Executive Director Tim Andrews. "The Australian Taxpayers' Alliance has been campaigning for this important initiative since 2012 and we are delighted for One Nation to join us in raising this as a policy priority.


"Creating a centralised, accessible, easily-searchable transparency portal is a tried and tested best practice measure to empower taxpayers. Dozens of international jurisdictions have embraced these portals time and time again, and they have been proven to save money, cut waste, eliminate corruption and improve governance.


“All politicians should support this vital initiative: This is not a question of right or left - it is a question of right and wrong: The only people who don’t fear transparency and accountability are those who have something to hide.


“We call upon all sides of politics to embrace good government and support Senator Roberts in empowering the Australian people and rooting out corruption, rorts, and waste.


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Australian Taxpayers’ Alliance

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