MEDIA RELEASE: Victorian Election – Both Major Parties Fail Taxpayers

Victorian Election: Both Major Parties Fail Taxpayers

The Australian Taxpayers’ Alliance, Australia’s leading taxpayer-advocacy body, has condemned the tax-and-spend big-government policies of both major parties in tomorrow’s Victorian election.

“Both major parties have failed Victoria” said Tim Andrews, Executive Director of the Australian Taxpayers’ Alliance.

“The Victorian Liberal Government, in a grubby last minute attempt to win votes, is promising to waste taxpayer dollars on every special interest group they can find. So desperate are they to throw money at anything and everything, they have even promised hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars to green groups that don’t even exist! From pledging $100 to parents to unprecedented corporate welfare, this election, the Victorian Liberal Government has destroyed any shred of fiscal credibility they may have had – and this isn’t even mentioning their extreme nanny state efforts to reduce choice and micromanage peoples’ lives.

“The Victorian Labor Party is even worse. By calling for a return to the dark days of anti-growth labour market regulations, opposing development, and similarly promising money Victoria simply doesn’t have, they have also demonstrated their utter contempt for the Victorian public.

“No matter who wins tomorrow’s election, the Victorian taxpayer will be the loser.

“While the Australian Taxpayers’ Alliance does not endorse any candidate or party, we would strongly urge all Victorians who support good government to seriously consider voting for a minor party. In particular, we praise the economic policies of both the Liberal Democrats and Family First, and commend them for having the courage to stand up for the Victorian taxpayer, and not bow down to special interest group politics” concluded Mr Andrews

Media Contact: Tim Andrews, Executive Director, Australian Taxpayers’ Alliance. Mobile: 0434 064 934

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