MEDIA RELEASE: Victorian Government MUST Reject Taxi Bailout

The Australian Taxpayers' Alliance today released the following statement following reports that ride sharing will finally be legalised in Victoria, with all users of point to point transport to pay new taxes to compensate the taxi industry. A detailed submission by the ATA to the Victorian Legislative Council's Economy and Infrastructure Committee Inquiry Into Ridesharing can be downloaded here.

"We  applaud the Victorian government finally accepting reality and moving legalise ride sharing services" said Tim Andrews, Executive Director of the Australian Taxpayers' Alliance. "Proposals, however, to slug Victorians with yet another great new tax to bailout the failing taxi industry are not just economically unjustified, they are ethically repugnant.

"The taxi industry has failed to keep up with technology and provide a service valuable to Victorians. Victorians have voted with their feet. The horse and buggy industry didn't receive a bailout when cars were invented. We didn't bail out blockbuster video when digital downloads came. Melway wasn't compensated after GPS and smartphones made paper maps redundant. This is no different"

"The Taxi Industry is dominated by multi-million dollars companies like Cabcharge, who have been previously fined millions of dollars in the Federal Court for ripping off consumers, while reports of an epidemic of sexual assaults by Victorian cab drivers have gone unaddressed, with perpetrators protected by the industry. Is this really who Premier Dan Andrews wishes to reword with our taxes?  Any proposed taxpayer funded bailout the taxi cartels would be an unjust reward of failure and gross misuse of taxpayer dollars.

"Victorians are already struggling with sluggish economic growth and increasing unemployment. The last thing they need is hundreds of millions of dollars of new taxes to fund corporate welfare. The Andrews Government should follow the advice provided by the ATA and numerous other submissions to the Legislative Council and quash this proposal asap"

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