More Examples Of Our Taxes Spent For Radical Leftist Propaganda

We're a few days late to this one, but Catallaxy Files exposes yet another example of how OUR taxes are being used to find radical left wing propaganda:

Professor John Quiggin, a Queensland academic and perhaps Australia's leading far-left blogger, is currently working on a new project he himself admits is "radical" . It includes a "comprehensive attack on the power of financial markets", new taxes on financial transactions, new regulations on the creation of financial instruments etc.

Who's funding this? Why you the taxpayer of course - and to the tune of... wait for it ... $2, 002, 560.00. 

That's right, over $2 million of our money so a far-left "economist" can engage in radical propaganda for more taxes, more regulation, more government-theft.

That's taxes at work!

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