More Of Our Money To Create Professional Leftists

Simon Crean, our Federal Arts Minister, today announced the launch of a massive spending spree to fund "artists" as part of a new "culture policy".

This includes a staggering $75 million to restructure Australian Council. Where does this money go? It goes to funding overtly left-wing literary magazines like Meanjin, Overland, Griffith Review and Australian Book Review.

Things like " an installation using power generated by potatoes to exhibit artworks in the Federation Square Complex, Melbourne.” Cost, $10,300

Or taking an "“authentic” Chinese junk, projecting images onto its sails and going cruising." The cost of this community-healing" statement"?  $100,000.

I could go on.

Of course, that's only the start of this policy. In a bid for blatant pre-election pork-barrelling, Federal MPs will be given a total of $8.1 million to establish a ''Creative Young Stars Program'' in their electorates.  $3.4 million will be given to job seekers and school leavers so they can vote left while they are "seeking a career in the arts". $37 will go to "marginal electorates" in Tasmania for an "arts academy", and - wait for it - $20 million for "gaming".

The fact is, that this is a vast expansion of the class of people dependent on tax dollars: the "takers" not "makers". It is creating government dependency, and a permanent left wing voting block.

And, worst of all, this creation of a permanent left wing voting block? It's been done with our money. Every cent of it. 



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