Mrs Carr's travel cost taxpayers $120,000

The Australian Associated Press reports that Foreign Minister Bob Carr has taken his wife with him on almost every overseas trip he has made, with a cost of over $120,000:

The arrangement is highly unusual for a foreign minister. It is understood Senator Carr's Labor predecessors Stephen Smith and Kevin Rudd rarely if ever took their wives on official overseas trips.

The total cost of Senator Carr's nine trips was an estimated $828,754, the documents obtained show.Of that, Mrs Carr's airfares - the vast majority of which were business class - accounted for an estimated $123,928.

Her meals and incidentals cost a further estimated $8000.

Senator Carr said today Mrs Carr would continue to accompany him on official trips.

In fact, the only trip Mrs Carr did not fly on was a 24 hour visit made to Fiji, which cost the taxpayer more than $42,000 as Senator Carr chose to take a special purpose aircraft rather than fly commercial.

Our taxes hard at work!

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