Nothing is more important to a country's prosperity than economic freedom.

The empirical evidence is overwhelming: the more free a country, the higher the economic growth, the higher the living standards, and the more you have in your pocket. Civil and political rights are higher in economically free countries, the environment is better looked after, and the poor are lifted out of poverty fastest.

This makes logical sense to us all: where would you rather live? A relatively free country like Australia, or an unfree country like Valenzuela or North Korea?

This is why the Australian Taxpayers' Alliance has been at the forefront fighting for our freedoms, and opposing big government.

And this is why the latest news from the non-partisan Canadian Think-tank the Fraser Institute should be so worrying to us all.

Every year, the Fraser Institute analyses every country, and ranks them according to economic freedom. Australia has always scored very well, a testament to the long-term strength of our government.

In 2010, we were in 5th spot out of any country. The most recent report, which analyses 2011, has us slipping down to 10th - and this is even before the carbon tax came in! There can be no doubt that the next report will have us slipping even more.


And that's why we asked viral-video sensation Topher to make this short 3 minute video warning Australians of the dangers we face - and how they can make a difference.

Make no mistake: As our economic freedom falls, so to will our standard of living. Australia used to have one of the highest standards of living in the world. We were the envy of the OECD. Now, years of high taxes, wasteful spending, and over-regulation threatens to destroy our hard-won gains.

We have time to change this, and return to a course of freedom and prosperity. The new government provides us an opportunity to make a difference - but we must act now.

We must educate, activate, and mobilise the public - and demand change.

This video is a great opportunity for the non-political to learn just how important our economic freedom is.

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