MyChoice Australia: Help Fight The Nanny State

It's been a tough few weeks for those of us who believe in individual freedom and personal responsibility in Australia. As if the introduction of plain packaging for tobacco wasn't bad enough, our nanny state industry now wants plain packaging for food, and government mandated 'regulated portion sizes'  ID scanners have been proposed for bars, the AMA wants to raise the drinking age to 25, and in Victoria, John Elliott wants all bars to close at 1am, because apparently forcing everyone onto the street at the same time with no public transport which will inevitably lead to violence as it has everywhere else is something they want in Victoria. Not even children our safe: kids have been banned from playing ball games after school as well as cartwheels (two months ago hugs and high-fives were banned for violating a 'no contact' policy.  I could go on, but you get the idea.

This is why last month, our parent group, the Australian Taxpayers' Alliance, started MyChoice Australia as Australia's first dedicated activist group committed to fighting the nanny state, and restoring our long-lost liberties.

I would encourage everyone here to visit the MyChoice website, sign up, and take part in this campaign. You can also follow MyChoice on twitter: @MyChoiceAust and on facebook. 

The official MyChoice launch was held in Melbourne last month, with Tim Wilson from the IPA, Dr. Michael Keane from Monash University, and Cassandra Wilkinson from The Australian. Please watch the video below - it's 40 minutes, but well worth the time to watch - promise!

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