Employment Opportunity At The ATA!

The ATA is hiring! Become part of our team of freedom fighters and help combat the rising nanny state in Australia! 

The Australian Taxpayers' Alliance is looking for someone to join our ever-growing anti-nanny-state campaign as Director of MyChoice Australia! MyChoice Australia is a unique activist organisation dedicated to individual freedom and personal responsibility and we are seeking candidates who are passionate about ensuring the liberties of all Australians.

Mychoice is currently focused upon the legalisation of life-saving vaping technology as our major campaign of early 2017, however is also working on reforming our draconian and counter-productive laws surrounding alcohol regulation (in particular the failed lockout laws) and preventing the imposition of a sugar tax in Australia. The Director would have broad discretion to determine new campaigns to work upon.

As Australia's leading anti-nanny state advocacy body, we expect candidates to be knowledgeable in politics, law, media, community organising and social media.

Minimum candidate requirements:

-          Savvy in traditional and social media platforms

-          Able to speak on talkback radio and television

-          Well versed in legal jargon and terminology, ideally with work experience in a law firm or pursuing a law degree.

-         Political experience

-          Previous experience in planning, running and fundraising for community events.

-         Committment to the fundamental principles of small government, individual freedom, and personal responsibility

Your responsibilities:

-          Liaison with a broad range of public and private sector stakeholders including senior politicians

-          Writing policy proposals and submissions to parliament, press releases to the media and soundbites for online engagement

-          Running community based events and managing volunteer staff

-          Fundraising

This would be a part-time position, based in Sydney, with flexible hours and the possibility for some full time work. It would be  ideal for 3rd year and higher university students and recent graduates. Salary commensurate with experience. Please send CVs to the ATA Director of Operations, Celeste Arenas at carenas@taxpayers.org.au

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